GANDALF Track List and Song Info

  1. Golden Earrings    (J. Livingstone / V. Young) VOCAL-PETER
  2. Hang On To A Dream    (Tim Hardin) VOCAL-PETER
  3. Never Too Far    (Tim Hardin) VOCAL-PETER
  4. Scarlet Ribbons    (J. Begal / E. Danzig) VOCAL-BOB
  5. You Upset The Grace Of Living    (Tim Hardin) VOCAL-PETER
  6. Can You Travel In The Dark Alone    (Peter Sando) AUDIO! inthedrk.wav  (571K, 51 sec.) VOCAL-PETER
  7. Nature Boy    (Eden Ahbez) VOCAL-PETER
  8. Tiffany Rings    (Garry Bonner / Alan Gordon) VOCAL-BOB
  9. Me About You    (Garry Bonner / Alan Gordon) VOCAL-PETER
  10. I Watch The Moon    (Peter Sando) VOCAL-PETER

Can You Travel In The Dark Alone- I wrote the lyric as a poem in Accounting class at FDU. It was originally called In The Dark Alone, but Don Rubin changed the title on his own accord. As it stands, it is too long and incorrect, as the song lyric is ”....could you travel..”. I have always loved lighthouses and especially Barnegat Light in New Jersey. The symbolism is obvious.

I Watch The Moon - This was a song of loneliness and teenage angst that was like.... the Ronettes meet Procol Harum. I never liked the mix in the refrain- background vocals hanging out too far- not enough drums and bass. It still gets airplay!

Golden Earrings - I always was intrigued by the standards. My older sister Toni and I thumbed through a fake book and picked this one out to arrange for the band. It was from a movie with Marlena Deitricht and Ray Milland from 1947. The mystical gypsy lyric and minor key lent itself well to a psychedelic treatment. Garry and Alan loved it and I believe it sold K&R on the Rahgoos.

Never Too Far, Hang On To a Dream, You Upset The Grace of Living- Tim Hardin hung out at the Night Owl and was signed to K&R. He was most influential on my early songwriting with his economy of words and soulful folk style. These are three favorites. We attempted to do Hardin like the Byrds did Dylan.

Me About You, Tiffany Rings- Garry and Alan were churning out hits for the Turtles and Three Dog Night. They played us all their songs and we picked these two laid back beauties.

Nature Boy- It was a smash for Nat King Cole and seemed to be a perfect twin for Golden Earrings. The guitar solo was one take- just a practice. They never gave me a second shot.

Scarlet Ribbons, by The Browns, spun wizardry of a divine nature and seemed to fit the mood. Frank's baroque harpsicord and Bob's gentle vocal made it happen.

(P.S. 2001)



by Peter Sando
©Alley Music/Trio Music


by Peter Sando
©Alley Music/Trio Music